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We repair power steering

When it becomes hard to turn your steering wheel, this is not only a hassle, it is dangerous for you and your family. We'll get to the bottom of power steering issues and make sure your vehicle turns smoothly, easily and naturally.


For over 42 years, we have provided expert auto tire repairs for the Greater Dayton and Greater Cincinnati areas. There's a reason that our customers have been coming back for so long, and that's because we do business with integrity.

Is it hard to turn your steering wheel?  

Take the hassle out of taking your car for a spin

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Time doesn't help

Your steering system is, for obvious reasons, not only important for vehicular performance but also for car safety. Issues with racks and steering rods are often the cause for problems with power steering.


When the rods' function begins to decrease your car's steering wheel could begin to quake slightly. If you do not address the rods, the slight quaking will develop into your entire car shaking. Let our experts do a top notch auto repair for your own safety.